Juice Bar

Classic Juices

Classic Juices

Ginger Snap: $9.00
Carrot, apple, ginger
Simply Carrot: $9.00
Just carrots
Lemon Up: $9.00
Carrot, apple, lemon
Immune Booster: $9.00
Carrot, pineapple
Beetnik: $9.00
Carrot, apple, beet - add ginger, if you like.
Lean 'n' green: $9.00
Apple, kale, parsley, celery, lemon.
All American: $9.00
Pipin' hot apples with cinnamon.
Just Celery $12.00
Just Celery
Classic Smoothies

Classic Smoothies

Protein Punch: $9.00
Organic peanut butter, dates and banana blended with choice of milk - our claim to fame!
Breathe Classic: $9.00
Strawberries, banana, orange juice
Caribbean Cooler: $9.00
Strawberries, banana, pineapple, soy milk
Chai smoothie: $9.00
Chai tea, honey, banana, choice of milk 
Specialty Smoothies

Specialty Smoothies

Acai: $10.95
Banana, strawberries, acai, your choice of milk or juice
Keep it Kale: $10.95
Banana, kale, almonds, dates, 'sun is shining', almond milk
Cacao Berry: $10.95
Banana, strawberries, cacao nibs, cacao powder, cashews, maca, almond milk
Grasshopper: $10.95
Almond milk, banana, cashews, 'sun is shining', dates, mint extract, cacao nibs
Whole Shebang: $10.95
Banana, strawberries, acai, pineapple, berry frutol, apple juice
Hippie Shake: $10.95
Banana, strawberries, acai, almonds, goji berries, hemp protein, 'sun is shining', apple juice.


Add any of the following to a smoothie or juice.
Level 1: $1.00
Almonds, cashews, banana, pineapple, ginger, lemon, apple, celery, kale, dates, strawberries, berry frutol, parsley, peanut butter.
Level 2: $1.50
Goji berries, maca, chia seeds, flax seed, 'sun is shining'.
Level 3: $2.00
Cacao nibs, cacao powder, hemp protein, seasonal fruit, granola, mango puree, acai.
Other Drinks

Other Drinks

Wheatgrass: 1oz shot - $3.50 / double shot - $6.50
1 oz is equal to nutrition of 1.5 pounds of green veggies.
Wheatgrass Blast: $6.25
1oz wheatgrass, 3oz. fresh apple juice as an energy shot.
Hot Cacao: $5.50
cacao powder, maca, agave and cinnamon with choice of milk or soy.
Gojiccino: $5.50
gojiberries, cashewmilk, spices (hot or iced)
See our breakfast & brew bar menu for more drinks

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